What an Advocate Does

An advocate, on the instructions of another legal practitioner, presents cases for clients in court, arbitration and mediation, prepares pleadings, settles notices of motion and affidavits, gives and writes legal opinions and the like.

As the services which an advocate provides is essentially a communication exercise, it is important not only what he says, but how he says it.

What an advocate says and writes must be factually and legally correct.

How an advocate speaks and writes must be so clear, concise and structured that the person hearing the speech or reading the writing understands and remembers the client’s case after one hearing or reading, as the case may be.


Ripeness to sue in the context of contracts
Mining & Mineral Law
Unjustified Enrichment
Transactions to which the Credit Agreements Act and Usury Act apply
Government Gazette 6052 & 11303